About us

This project is born through enthusiastic friends, in love with the great wines in Prioratinas lands, of its fabulous vertiginous slopes of slate stone.

The objective is to produce great wines from the prestigious wine region DOQ Priorato, recovering places where vineyards were cultivated for hundreds of years, respecting their natural orography on slopes, thus leading vineyards to the limits of their possibilities.

For this, the strength of the goddess Tanit, who was the most important goddess of the mythology of his time, is attached. Next to slopes vertiginous, powerful and seductive at the same time.


Our products

Tanit 2014

Tanit is our first wine from several wineries of the DOC Priorato aged in oak barrels for 12 months.

The reflection of taking Tanit to the market, is due to want to contribute a great wine and also be a source of financing. With a clear objective, recover some of those slate slopes together with the varieties of native grapes. With this and effort to reach its excellence in the present vintages.

Our old vineyard, "Samsó" grapes from the Priorat.

Vinyars Obagues de Bellmunt del Priorat- D.O.Q Priorat


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